In January 2014 I was lucky enough to find a group of young boys and girls from Kabala (Sierra Leone) who were interested in getting to know what yoga was and to experience the benefits of the practice.

During six months we had two or three practices per week on the terrace of the lovely “Hill View”, a guest house and bar overlooking the town and surrounding mountains. 

During those practices I tried to share my love for yoga with the people that came to practice in a fun and interesting way, and it seems that the seed rooted.

After some months, Tamba Fayia, heart and soul of Yoga Strength Sierra Leone who is not anymore with us, came from Freetown (capital city of the country) to visit and ran a weekend workshop opened to all the community. Later on, two of the students from Kabala, went to Freetown to improve their knowledge and be able to teach others once I left the country.

It has been over three years since this adventure started and the yoga community in Kabala and Freetown are still working, but there is need of some support to improve the knowledge of the teachers, to make the practices more comfortable with the use of mats and props, etc. 

This is what Sierra Leone Yoga Project is all about: maintaining and supporting the growth of yoga in the country. Do you want to support us?