When your heart and soul don't belong to any place, but to all placesyou are a nomad.

When you search within to find freedom, peace and love, you do yoga. 

Therefore, you ARE a Yoga Nomad. Welcome to the tribe!

Once I read that the best way to start writing when you don’t know what to write (as it is now, because describing oneself is not easy) is doing a list of things that you like and things that you don’t like. I have done the exercise and I have noticed that it could perfectly be my introduction. 

Hello, my name is Ana, I was born in Spain, I live in Paris now and these are my two lists: 

All photos in this page by Iris Rangil: www.irisrangil.com

Things that I like:

Traveling and yoga (as you could deduce from the name of my project), taking photos, dogs, all dogs, really ALL of them, drinking a café latte around mid-morning, saying hello to small kids that I meet in the subway, listening to the radio and believing I know the broadcasters in person, youtube videos, listening to the same songs over and over again, sleeping on the sofa while watching movies, the ocean (especially when the water is warm), soup, creams and purées (and all kinds of food you would give to someone without teeth), laughing, sleeping, people, silence, sunsets, pijamas, books, figs, dresses, trains, sitting on the floor, lavender, maps, picnics, candles, incense, hugs, Paris. 


I don’t like:

take offs and landings (and let’s not mention turbulences), cold feet, time running so fast that things that feel that happened yesterday actually happened 3 years ago, being on a hurry and not finding my keys, milk without coffee, cigarette ends on the floor, coriander, cockroaches, smelling nice food cooked by my neighbors and having nothing in the fridge, that things don’t get tidy by themselves.